“Love your soul.”

—so says my Yogi Teabag tag… ♥Egypt’s Find on the Bathroom Sink

Understand that you were created for a purpose—to truly love your soul is to wholly know your purpose, live your purpose and fulfill your destiny {only you can truly figure out your path}. In order to Love Your Soul, you must first Be Good and Nurturing to your soul.

I dare say it does matter whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu, Devotee, Agnostic, Atheist or whatever claim you—no cares for if your complexion is brown, tan, pale, rosy-pink or purple with green polka-dots. . . I know without the shadow of a doubt that you have a soul. A soul to remain lost, or be found.

The soul is the life force that keeps us tied to Earth, most of us are born utterly and soulfully lost. Nevertheless, a soul can never truly be lost without the ability to be recovered or completely destroyed in terms of energy—for this, we can thank the universal Law of Conservation of Energy. However, we can also thank The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy {LoCE’s offspring] for allowing the changes in our spiritual vibrations, energies, frequencies {VEF} to be transmuted or changed into either positive or negative energy. Thus the result is either beneficial, our souls ascend to higher enlightenment: or detrimental as our souls begin to take on more and more bad VEF, ultimately becoming heavy and weighed down. The latter promotes descent from enlightenment: the slippery slop sort descent

The points

To Love Your Soul:

  1. Be good to your soul: Speak life into your soul. You are a uniquely crafted individual; thus your soul possesses equally unique needs. First find your soul centering space—maybe it’s surrounded by nature, or in your bed with sonic sounds of healing music, maybe it’s reading the words of your favorite inspirational guru, maybe time spent with your children listening to their tall tales, or possibly just alone time in your head meditating or praying. No Matter! how you attempt to center your soul, you MUST also simultaneously communicate with and to yourself. You have to talk yourself through the centering process. Tell yourself “I love me…I want to find my self…I will find self…I will center my soul…I know I have a purpose…I Am infinite…I think; therefore, I Am…  “
  2. Nurture your soul: Soul food is the best nutrition for the soul—and I’m not talking about A’nt Maybelle’s collard greens, chicken wings, con’bread and tatters either. I’m referring to the soul-inspiring books you read, documentaries you watch, lessons you learn, the places you go, people you meet, new worlds you explore, languages you learn, the conversations you have, those new ventures you propose. . . When you seek out positivity and growth-promoting activities you will find them or they will come to you, and you will have fed your soul for the next leg of your journey.


☺ As you see, today’s #Teaspiration was quite lengthy in comparison. We’ll just say I was inspired to write this as a result of some re-centering myself and Frank I have been doing lately. Not to mention this quote happened to find me.

—♥Egypt, with love.

P.S. Last week’s #Teaspiration was Frank’s draw