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Come one, come all! and connect with  us ♥

I had to ask myself if I felt it would be weird to honor a machine…namely  Mountain Thunder or Engine 734 with all its connector systems, links and pinseh. I decided “yes” it would probably be a little weird and in some sense idolatrous, but seriously who today really cares. I figured, at least this “idol” brought me love—a lot more than I can say for living glued to a mobile phone.  *international shade thrown*  ⇒caught it!⇐ eh, I’m guilty too.

So Let’s Connect

As I’m sure we all know, the best way to find interesting people is go seeking interesting people. “Seek and you shall find: after all, I sought to find a colorful array of interesting people in my lifetime and look who I’m conversing with right now. . .see it is not that hard at all!

Okay, so let’s just say I was inspired by Queen Sister Nikki and her space The Richness of a Simple Life, along with a plethora of other bloggers and vloggers in our community to get a wee bit more social. This should be good for the introvert in me! Plus, I’m in love with you all…*insert awkward pause here*:-)).

So going forward we’ll be putting those mobiles and comuputers to some spirited use, while letting off some steam and preparing for the new with a good ole’ Meet, Greet, Connect & Link! —once a month, falling on one of the 4 main phases of the moon: New, Waxing, Full, Wanning. Each month’s Connect & Link will be broadly themed. That said, these themes will derive directly from the spiritual forces the respective Moon governs.

Next Power Phase: New Moon

Apr. 7 Th. 07:25 AM

Why New Moon First Egypt ?

New Moon represents a spiritual renewing—it is a wonderful time to declare and set your intentions to create, manifest, begin, establish, cultivate, grow and/or nurture that which you would like to bring out of dream space and into fruition, into your reality. #NewBeginnings

Let us tap into some Lunar energy

Connect & Link in a Nutshell

  • Connect
    • Read the short theme post
    • Read and Engage with as many of the lovely thoughts and creators as you can
      • Reflect, find common ground and Comment as much as you like!
  • New Moon Theme {i.e. manifest}
    • Link a post speaks to, reflects on or refers to the theme Manifest
  • Not sure if your post will fit? That’s okay post it anyway—we won’t judge you.
  • Share EVERYWHERE! and help feed us more thoughts.
  • O! and please don’t forget to hit the LOVE button aka the FOLLOW button.


Get Your Post Ready Kings & Queens!

April 7 Th. 07:25 AM—07:25 AM April 8 Fr.

Love You All


Written by Egypt English

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