April marks the first full month of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere—and spring as we all know is a time of new life, new beginnings, rebirthing, and cleaning out the old to prepare for the new. Thus, it’s only fitting to get our first Connect & Link rolling to the frequencies of Mother Luna’s New Moon.

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Next Power Phase: New Moon

Apr. 7 Th. 07:25 AM


The New Moon encourages you to: 

Manifest, Create, Begin, Establish, Cultivate, Grow, Nurture, De-stress, Clear.


Theme #1: to Manifest

Manifest [Merriam Webster]

  1. readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight
  2. easily understood or recognized by the mind : obvious

Manifestation is all about bringing intangible ideas, beliefs, thoughts, concepts, etc into fruition—bringing them out of your mind and into the real world to be utilized for your betterment and the betterment of others. Nowadays, this all seems ludicrous and possibly like a load of nonsense right? Like that money tree you’ve been wishing would sprout, but clearly you’re lacking the green thumb or the magic touch.         Well, don’t fret love, and have no fear —all of the latter is simply a matter of mind       over matter—ha! go figure. :-/   So, I’ll be the nean one and shoot your stars from the sky now: I’m not going teach you how to grow a “money” tree, eh even though I’m pretty sure the whole paper money concept we have world wide is not a rocket science sport . . . just an observation.

Truth is you can create your own “abundance” tree . . .maybe you desire to manifest in abundance monies, quality time, better health, better judgement, a family, your perfect significant other, a paradigm shift, endless vacations, world change, peace of mind, uplifting career changes, more readers, your soul’s purpose, companionship, deeper understandings of life. . .eh this list could go on for days. To sum it all up nice and neatly IT DOESN’T MATTER what it is that you desire! Big or small. . .what matters most is that you desire it wholeheartedly and enough to faithfully follow the instructions of the Universe, Your Supreme Being, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Spirit Guides or Whoever or Whatever pleases and guides your spirit.

When I want to manifest anything I start with writing it down. And if you are really looking to see your desires come to fruition you make it public; in some sense of the word. Maybe it’s public: spoken out loud to the Almighty, or maybe to your significant other, or maybe the WWW. Writing it down makes it realistic, making it public creates a sense of accountability to work towards the manifestation, and support from others’ positive energies.


  • Connect
    • Read the Introduction
    • Read and Engage with as many of the lovely thoughts and creators as you can
      • Reflect, find common ground and Comment as much as you like!
  • Link
    • Link one of your blog posts OLD or NEW which speaks to, reflects on or refers to the theme Manifest
    • Not sure if your post will fit? That’s okay post it anyway—we won’t judge you. After all you decide what good things you’d like to Manifest, and I want read it!
    • Posts CAN be any genre or form: Prose, Poetry, Paintings, Photography, Book Reviews, Just Thoughts. . .eh, You know what you write about. . .
  • Share EVERYWHERE! and help feed us more thoughts.
  • O! and please don’t forget to hit the LOVE button aka the FOLLOW button 😉 ♥.

My Manifest ramblings will be linked in the Thoughts section of Thursday’s Meet, Greet, Connect & Link post as well! Fair is Fair ♥☺

ANY QUESTIONS or THOUGHTS? Leave them below . . .

Connect & Link! begins on Apr. 7th Thursday @ 07:25 AM


Love you all!



Originally Posted: Tuesday, 04-15-2016

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        1. Wonderful! Thank you … and that is exactly the type of post I’d hoped for . . .that is wonderful way to build community values ♥ I love this slogan ->“Support me I support you.” simple, effective.

    1. Thank you Mary! Many good wishes for your and your Husband. It makes my heart happy that you make children happy ^_^, so awesome . . .Very pleased to have crossed paths with you and yours ♥

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