Hand over your flag bruh and nobody gets hurt

When you live a life supplied with ammunition transmutated from the negative energies, red tape and worldwide, ass-backwards politics—you tend to seek things, comforts in your daily life. Comforts that will take your mind off your selfless duties and human-task. Comforts you can collect in some manner and surround yourself with. . . Well, I’ve personally fell in love with FLAG SNATCHING!    
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#Teaspiration Thursdays | No blood on my hands.

“Love has no fear and vengeance.”

Frank’s teatag pick and thoughts: “I could never approach God with vengeance.”

Frank is surely not a man of many fears—not heights, nor death. His only tangible concern is the well-being of his Familia, and his extended Tribe. He’s not built like many people I have ever encountered— score a zillion points for me. *tehe okay I’m done.   Seriously, I admire the later fact about the man I call my KingAfter all, someone has to put the buggies back outside when they sneak inside.  Continue reading “#Teaspiration Thursdays | No blood on my hands.”



And within the mind of man, is the hand of God. And from the word of man, is the script of His will. For man is evermore, the chamber of spirit, the house of divinity, and the seed of fruition. A house that is built by law, is the home of the Great Spirit; a vessel of self, the armor and deed of His word, that is to come. A compass of light to extinguish the dark. Light is to know and Darkness is to know not. May the light touch the waters and the dark fall to depths.

God desires and receives unto Himself, the truth that is spirit. A God that deprives is a dying spirit. But God is spirit and spirit cannot be destroyed, therefore God gives to Himself that of which God desires by the spiritual law. The Universe is mental and God thinks the law as He governs. Humans think conditional as they are susceptible to the law.

—King Frank

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