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Connect & Link with us next month!

Friday and Saturday May 6th-7th for the next New Moon and a NEW theme!

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night ☺

Jahla! Welcome everyone to our first LoveTrips™ the BLOG CONNECT & LINK!  Today marks the first and  last day of April’s New Moon at 100% , with brings us many good good tidings and also a plethora of spiritual and fantastical energies.

This month in our home Frank and I are focusing our vibes or vibrations on using the New Moon’s energy of Manifestation

Okay Now for the CONNECT & LINK RULES

[April 7th — Thursday 7:25 AM-7:25 AM Friday — April 8th ]


  • Read the Theme summary.
  • Take it all in.
  • Start connecting.
    • Introduce yourself
    • Your blog [& it’s purpose]
    • Your Manifest post
      • NEW or OLD post
      • Not sure if your post will fit? That’s okay post it anyway! and let us no why you want us all to see it!
        • Posts CAN be any genre or form.
          • {Feel free to link to other post you have or others you’ve read, but only if the conversation permits.}
        • Share EVERYWHERE! and help feed us more thoughts.
        • O! and please don’t forget to hit the LOVE button aka the FOLLOW button to stay connected with all the wonderful souls you meet ? ♥.



Manifest [Merriam Webster]

  1. readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight
  2. easily understood or recognized by the mind : obvious

“Manifestation is all about bringing intangible ideas, beliefs, thoughts, concepts, etc into fruition—bringing them out of your mind and into the real world to be utilized for your betterment and the betterment of others . . . IT DOESN’T MATTER what it is that you desire! Big or small. . .what matters most is that you desire it wholeheartedly and enough to faithfully follow the instructions of the Universe, Your Supreme Being, Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Spirit Guides or Whoever or Whatever pleases and guides your spirit.” …Read More Now?

↓↓↓Now go leave a bit of your spirit, some thoughts and a link in their proper section below, and meet someone NEW today!↓↓↓




Written by Egypt English

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