And within the mind of man, is the hand of God. And from the word of man, is the script of His will. For man is evermore, the chamber of spirit, the house of divinity, and the seed of fruition. A house that is built by law, is the home of the Great Spirit; a vessel of self, the armor and deed of His word, that is to come. A compass of light to extinguish the dark. Light is to know and Darkness is to know not. May the light touch the waters and the dark fall to depths.

God desires and receives unto Himself, the truth that is spirit. A God that deprives is a dying spirit. But God is spirit and spirit cannot be destroyed, therefore God gives to Himself that of which God desires by the spiritual law. The Universe is mental and God thinks the law as He governs. Humans think conditional as they are susceptible to the law.

—King Frank

Well Done

      My Sweet and Faithful Child, the One Who Stilly Walks the Golden Pathways

The race —
not given
     to any one.      Earned only by the strong
if thy heart be pure like the Weak—
who has endured
the long hard, broken and pitted, but oh so blessed road.
I say to clouds “CHANGE!” and they have done so. I have said to a many Montanas “MOVE!”
they were still like my faith and Mother made the Earth shake.
And the mountains ALL! fell to Her Toes like microscopic elements out of orbit.
I then climbed over the rubbish, and I bowed swiftly to kiss Her Feet.
          And in Her Right Hand were perfumed Laurels; glistening in the rays of sunlight–
She bent                        Kissed my head.
And upon My Crown she bestowed those glorious leaves.

—♥Egypt E.

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God Night

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