I have no time to allow moss to grow under my feet as my grams would say. I actually like being a busy bee. Lately, I’ve been attempting to incorporate that nature into my social media spheres. Every space I create— no matter how hard I’ve tried to keep cohesive with LoveTrips™ — takes on its own personality. Eh, for a while I was not okay with that at all. Yet, slowly but surely I started to accept that these unique spaces were and are only as avant garde as I myself have always been.     And its taken quite some energy and most of my rearing years to-date to finally be comfortable enough with the rare flame lady who lives deep within my spirit with all her whimsical thoughts, plethora of faces and  too-over-the-top for most philosophies.      So, I gave my Muses their own playgrounds. Yeah, so nowadays the lot of us chill, vibe and kick it unapologetically, and in good faith and always festive spirit.

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To be honest I have no idea why this song is booming in my spirit right now. Yet, it has been floating about since the moment I hit the +post button. Nevertheless, this songs means lot to me, why? It just makes me feel good, free. I remember singing this song in 7th grade choir at the annual Paramount Carowinds annual Festival of Music–we were Magnificent! said Mrs. Davis our music instructor and mentor. Whatever the reasoning . . .We really felt Magnificent in our “nerdy/gody” robes that day. Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment, since all the “cool kids” had teased us for our love of songs they did not understand, and very few thought we could master . . . eh, who knows? cares…      Regardless, We stood, swayed, tapped and clapped that day … and we sang together with conviction, great vim and wonderful vigor — smiling, cheesing. . . the bilingual outcast on the big stage singing our hearts out to the gods of song.

—”Like it was yesterday…”

Pardon, my Latin/Spanish is quite old and young at the same time, and the word-for-word translation I could not find or either I must purchase, funky right. . . so I will translate to the best of my ability. So judge not. . .I’m just jubilant that it’s short o_O.

Exsultante cantamos festivo,

Exsultante alegre canto

Exsultante cantamos festivo,

Canciones jubilo.

Rejoice, We sing [in a] festive manner

We rejoice[ in a] joyful song

Rejoice, We sing [in a] festive manner…

jubilation songs


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyKcw8qtjwg&w=420&h=315]

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Love as Always

♥ E. English♥

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