#Teaspiration Thursdays | No blood on my hands.

Peace Be Still

“Love has no fear and vengeance.”

Frank’s teatag pick and thoughts: “I could never approach God with vengeance.”

Frank is surely not a man of many fears—not heights, nor death. His only tangible concern is the well-being of his Familia, and his extended Tribe. He’s not built like many people I have ever encountered— score a zillion points for me. *tehe okay I’m done.   Seriously, I admire the later fact about the man I call my KingAfter all, someone has to put the buggies back outside when they sneak inside. 

As for vengeance, I’ve seen it’s ugly head rearing a time two when Frank is passionate about something soulful: namely any interference with his pursuit of happiness or his soul’s purpose. And yet, he hesitates in the midst of his mental-spiritual conflicts., and then consults the Almighty with his ills before making any haste maneuvers. I’ve never seen him forsaken, and He moves forward with either tact or forgiveness—never a middle ground.

Peace & Love Always

♥ E.E.♥

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Peace Be Still
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