First things first—


Thank you to everyone who shared your love, blogs, businesses and purposes at our first CONNECT & LINK!. Thank you to all who left your likes.

Second—For those who begin this journey with me back in August, and to all of you who decided to join Frank and I for some of the greatest LoveTrips of our lives to come – Thank You.

Third, despite the lack of thorough planning and promoting, ignoring the sleepy Thursday, and of course my quirky instruction giving abilities, eh: everything went PERFECT! For me, I was thrilled beyond measure with the posts shared and the depth of character their authors possess. I set out for MANIFESTATION, and we were not disappointed. My spirit and mental were filled with an array of love from power statements, uplifting craftscapes to community building.        That’s the energy I crave!

So, for all of you who missed the LoveTrips™— train yesterday CONNECT & LINK! with us next month for another New Moon, and another theme! In the meantime check out yesterday’s collective.

Writer’s Dream9

The Daily Post

Mary Rensberry {also check Mary & Hubby’s Books: QuickTurtle Books

Grey Suede

I Am Rey [Follow Rey on Instagram: @HerNameIsRey]

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