“Tremendous pressure makes diamonds,” He said following the punching of His left palm, just  as He dropped His head into His hands.

           —Pillow Talk. 2:35 last night according to the clock we never set.

We are faced with many things we do not truly desire of life: hardships, premature death, disconnect from life, humiliation, restraint of freedoms, discrimination, disloyalty, back-breaking toiling, love lost, infringement upon our rights, misunderstanding, malfunctions, the lack of our own unique bare necessities. . .and yet, these things amongst many others will come, and sometimes even plague our lives, trampling our gay spirits and bright skies like Bufos stampeding through the streets of Spain, but still despite any odds, trials, obstacles and tribulations you are sure to face in your day-to-day happenings I encourage, I entreat, and I beg that you get up when knocked down, take one more step when faint and weary, one more breath when apparently breathless. . . to be still when drowning; and I promise you, you will surface—no matter the magnitude of the wave—the calm of waters will find you, you will float, and with courage you will wade, and by harnessing the power of sure determination and will you shall indeed learn to tread.

                Good Morning Rain Clouds,

                   ~~♥S. Marie

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BR215c7gTo&w=620&h=415]

Author: Egypt English

SOL Navigational Coach, poetess, jeweler, and wife on a mission to love my life so hard that it manifests into gold. ♥ P.S. Love Note: I love, in advance, witnessing you love yourself enough to fear nothing. Maiiandostéka {i♥u}

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