The title lies.

“You must admit I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want.”
― Diana Wynne Jones

I really hate cleaning. Yes, it is necessary. Yes, I do it. . .but I don’t have to enjoy it—although I know finding solace in the process will make it more palatable. Eh. Maybe next year, this time my thoughts will be different.

For now, just know I’m not a fan—I just can’t dig unkempt living corridors.

At home spring cleaning is in full effect, though the process is rather slow,         but steady.. At work my cubicle is finally spotless and looks and smells like newness. I’m still in the process of some much needed mental de-cluttering—so far, so good. Now all that is left for my list of chores is LoveTrips™ the BLOG. 

Over the next week or so I  will be tweaking and adjusting all that I can around the site. We will remain live and posting, and I don’t intend to change anything major. . . eh, so don’t get your imaginations lost in the clouds. Nevertheless, I do have a lot of new projects and happenings that I am just about ready to make public or simply ready start diverting the majority of my side hustle time to. Thus, I’m still committed to bringing you all along for this trip like all others. . . if of course you are truly ’bout this life. ♥^_^♥ 


Author: Egypt English

SOL Navigational Coach, poetess, jeweler, and wife on a mission to love my life so hard that it manifests into gold. ♥ P.S. Love Note: I love, in advance, witnessing you love yourself enough to fear nothing. Maiiandostéka {i♥u}

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