Do you really want to get married? Are you really ready to be hitched? Eh, is that really all you need?

I admit, I have always been somewhat of a hopeful romantic. Many of my previous relationships where dismantled due to my elevated expectations. I literally was the young woman trying to rear boys into men. Yet, in most cases it was to no unforgivable fault of their own that they could not meet my status quo. I simply had to come to terms with the inevitable fact that I was searching so diligently for a passion-fueled LOVE . . . I craved someone who would grow with me, aspire to do marvelous works and deeds, and ultimately change for himself for his own better and then for mine. Needless to say I suppose, but I pretty much wanted the other side half of my soul back: the Yang to my Yin.

See, I was so busy searching for someone who would fill my romantic love void that I never stopped to realize I was scavenging through a field of men who could only be I-just-like-you-like-you’ers. I never stopped to evaluate if the “suitors” calling were capable of going the distance . . . my distance.

My distance was down the long hard aisle of holy matrimony. Yet, I was never one for the fantastical proposal, lavish wedding, the I-Am-Married-Now-Smiles, one year of honeymoon bliss, two of downward spirals and finally another bombarded with long, maddening divorce proceedings. I had experienced my share of train wrecks and headaches to last a lifetime and then some. I had even witness enough “I’m not dealing with that bullshit’s”, and I could tell you quite a few “If they just had of talked it out. . .” stories.

I needed someone willing to build with me a strong FOUNDATION. I needed a man who felt he should, could and would compliment my mind, body and soul—and elaborate all my visions and ideas with his own abstracts and concretes. I desired someone who was ready to take life to another level,              but I had exhausted all my tracking techniques.

So I stopped searching. for my needle in this haystack . . you could say I gave up, in and out.

That is when I decided I would no longer date. I would now longer try to find a man to be with.  I began to recalibrate my moral compass, reconfirm my values, set my priorities, raise my standards, and reconnect with myself.

And yes, that is when Frank slick talked his way into my world like a cool-cat.     Five years later, I sit, and I reflect on all that I have received for simply living my life for ME. I was rewarded by the shifting of the cosmos with a Man who chose to take me to have,

to hold,

for better,

            for worse,

for richer,

                 for poorer,

                             in sickness

in health,

to love,

to cherish, till death do us part, according to the Almighty’s holy law.”       All of the latter we have indeed faced a time, a two or more, except—with no rush toward—death. Yet, regardless of whether good comes or bad His love has been still, like peace ever since.

Be jubilant and content in you, and when you are at peace with yourself— only then should you—request of the Universe a still love to entrust with your heart. ♥

—Thoughts while stopping to smell the flowers along the blessed and broken road. . . ♥Egypt

Our life in a song. . .


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