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“Live to share.”

—Yogi teabag tag, Egypt’s draw.

We—each of us has our own very unique gift or gifts. We’ll call this your thang. Your thang could be one of many different gifts: wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, discernment, languages [common and esoteric], interpretation languages [common and esoteric].

No matter what the gift is that you have been so blessed with, your soul mission here on Earth—like mine and all others—is to share it with those closest to you and those afar.

Now do not go bombarding your friends and family with your lovely gift, or be boastful with your ever growing abilities. Instead, know your gift, and understand your gift. For instance, your gift may be healing—learn all that you can about healing, and don’t worry you’ll spark your passion, and find your path and a spiritual compass.

Don’t jump to conclusions either! As soon as you realize your gift is of the healing sort you may be tempted to apply to Harvard’s School of Medicine in hopes of becoming a world renown physician. Although I have much confidence in your ability to excel at whatever you seek to do. . .you may want to start with the basic forms and methods of healing . . . all of which you can readily research with Dr. Google. Who knows! maybe your gift will show up in the form of a virtual health center.

Still no matter your gift, just have faith that your abilities will become more and more prevalent in your life as you focus and study more.

 Spiritual Gifts reference in the Christian Bible: 1 Corinthians 12

Written by Egypt English

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