#MCM | Organized Chaos

wp-1461000247523.jpgHe asked how is it watching him; watching him lead us out of hell fires—once more.

“It’s like watching a young prince, thrown into battle, mid war—with a new crown set upon his head, a sword thrust into his hand, and the weight of a kingdom placed upon his shoulders.     It’s like watching a video game played with no cheat codes. It’s pretty fun you could say,” said I in reply. . .

We are the lost ones.

We found the break in the fence and we escaped. I was never the herding type and He became a pro at swimming upstream      long before he knew of my existence. We are the raw fruit in a kitchen filled with canned goods.           He is my shepherd in the night and I am his

by day—‘fore I found no shame in my nudity, and He’d sworn his allegiance

to a  GθD who has no name.  — Risque Images of Careless Creatures♥ Egypt

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