Spiritual Maintenance | It’s My Square

Many people will not be able to grasp the magnitude of you. Eventually, you will outgrow their thinking and understandings if you remain steadfast on your soul’s mission. —i♥u

They won’t get your values, your morals, or your most simplistic of thought processes . . . but that’s okay, you’ll survive—and so will they.

Your principles and your adherence to your innate laws of self governance will take you further in life than any man’s opinion.       When your critics come, sift their suggestions like wheat—keeping only that which will benefit you, and the empire you are raising.  

Your foundation is your SQUARE. Your laws, your principles, morals, values, knowledge and your faith are your SQUARE. Let no mere human move you from the latter on which you stand.

♥ We welcome your thoughts . . .☺

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