We, two, are no good at wedding planning. Sad, but no less true.

Our “Celebration of Love” has been schedule as you know for September 17th of this year, which was conveniently 9 months away back in January when we finally said Yes! to the date. Well now, it’s inconveniently a lot closer and not even a stitch has been placed into a dress. Eh. 

HOME | Not exactly VA September weather, but it’s beautiful in Snow and Green, and filled will love and fun times ♥

Well good news, my parents helped us save quite the pretty penny, and skip all of the third-party logistics by encouraging us to have our festivities at their home— my childhood home. I couldn’t ask for a better setting since I’ve always dreamt of a ceremony surrounded by nature. So, if we can make it through the neighborhood dogs, cats and squirrels’ cheering and well-wishes all will go well.

Behind the scenes, our wedding is spiraling into somewhat of  neighborhood affair with many things like florals, décor pieces and desserts being created and made by friends and even some of the same women who changed my pampers 26 years or so ago . . . ^_^ yup! it’s that kind of love.

Needless, to say Frank and I are the snails.LoveTrips-Blog-WeddedWednesday-Wedding-Dress-Egypt-English

Our bridal party has been quite anxious for about three years now, yet we haven’t even decided what kind of dress I’m wearing down the aisle. Maybe two or so years ago I did the unthinkable! I took Frank, and him only, wedding dress scouting. No matter what he may tell you –He loved it! No, seriously he did—or maybe it was just me modeling the dresses, who knows? regardless, ever since that day he’s been helping me decide on a style. He’s even sketched up several designs.

And we’ve had talk of honeymoon plans from Jamaica to Brazil, and from there to Egypt –today we agreed on Dubai, for the purposes of typing this to post. . . eh I guess it’s time to finally put Kobe on the corner to do his little twerk, cause Mommy and Daddy gonna needs some extra dollars to turn-up in the UAE. Don’t judge us people!

Kobe, our first child ^_^ : photo by his Auntie

Everywhere else just seemed too obviously us. I personally want to honeymoon in a place that isn’t technically on my bucket list, but is more like a dream location.  I figure we don’t get out and “party” much or live on the edge very often—all work no play. Yet, we have all the time in our lives to chase after serenity and white sand beaches, but I know we are bound to outgrow the livelife. So when we are old and gray, I want to be able to say to the grands Grandpa Frank skydived from an airplane over Dubai and I caught it on Periscope that one time -_-


Hard Choices Part 1 – Destination Honeymoon ♥

Hard Choices Part II -Dresses ♥

There are really too many styles to choose from, and I’m not exactly the Plain Jane type of bride either—so we’re going custom, with elements of many different dresses and gowns.



That is all for now Loves! Any thoughts, dress ideas, honeymoon must do’s? Leave them below . . . Until tomorrow ♥


0 thoughts on “#WeddedWednesday | The dress? The Honeymoon? Uh, the ceremony?

    1. !!!!! :-X It’s soooooo tempting, and I’m pretty sure he’d be a hit lolz! Eh, but I shall not.
      As for honeymoon, I appreciate that, because I really want somewhere personal, but I also want something mind-blowing: like to be emerge in the sublime of nature or brightly craft lights and city-scapes. They, too, are both just tempting. . . Thank you love! ♥

        1. I’m laughing so hard at myself right now, because I wasn’t sure what you meant by the “It’s over love” …so I was Google’ing thinking it was a song reference because I’m bad with those, but that was a fail x-D *dunce* . . .

          1. LOL. Yep, I’m referring to the fact when you and your king look into each other’s eyes and say this dang day/planning is finally over. Let’s party.

          2. Really cracking my side, boy did I read to far into that! and still not far enough…because that is the day I am definitely waiting for ^_^ < actual facial expression lolz. I just got really excited, can't deal :-)) ♥♥♥

  1. My oh my! Feeling so vicarious reading this and seeing these photos! Although this is the hard part of wedding planning, it has also got to be the most fun.

    1. Oh! it is -_- whenever we have a moment to sit and think about it. ^_^ I know it will turn out great, I’ve just never been one for planning anything out really, so it’s a challenge. The dresses though! do make the process so exhilarating. ♥

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