As an Entrepreneur you will always be a work in progress.

You should know

Every business owner must acquire new tricks, tips and tactics to make it in the business world: the small town baker on grand opening day and the colonial immigrant, bigot and business mogul Donald Trump [opps :-o] —are no different in that regard. 

Being successful is a mindset. Take it from the Field of Dreams (1989)—”If you build it they will come.” You set the bar on what success looks like to you, no one else. Success could be as simple as completing your business plan or finally executing one you completed 10 years ago. Success is measured in the steps you take, and by a number of viable seeds you sew; thus you can’t expect to reap the benefits of your labors until you’ve done the necessary amount of tilling and toiling.

Tips to reach success

So Frankie baby, your first three months of entrepreneurship down, and I’ve seen you spit a few nails, and bite a few—and I’m sure about a’week ago you swallow two, so now, premise set; what are the 3 most important tips you can share with others trying to find the silver lining in business noobie Hell?

  1. Have faith that all your hard work and all your sacrifices will result in your reward: your obtainment of pure and well-deserved success.
  2. Maintain perseverance, because trials, tribulations, setbacks, pitfalls and bad hair days will come, but they are all necessary components of rearing a great leader.
  3. . . .the title lied, bad habit I suppose. . . blame it on Frankie baby, I clearly asked for three. He ain’t never been 100 y’all :-/

You all are amazing, love you all, thank you for your eyes and love.

—♥The Two of Us—

Field of Dreams [1989]



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