Living Broke, Busted—nah fxck dat, in Abundance


Money cannot buy peace of mind. It cannot heal ruptured relationships, or build meaning into a life that has none.

—Richard M. DeVos

Even when the worst fires of life rage around me, engulfing my mind, body and soul you cannot tell me I’m not living  on top of the world. I live to be purified, and these fires have ravished and purge me clean.

When I was young I believed being rich or wealthy were the epitomes of a perfect American life. After all I grew up indoctrinated and institutionalized with this misconstrued concept of our history. I like many of my peers was taught that European immigrants flooded the shores of the Americas in search of striking it rich materialistically and a life lived high off the hog. Well, little did I know that my definitions and naive constructs of the wealth and riches were shamefully misguided and vastly flawed.

The more I matured, the more my eyes and ears opened to the fact that the vast majority of immigrants rushing to the portion of American land now known as the corporate state/country the United States were in route here seeking freedoms galore, and not simply financial gains. Immigrants traveling from Europe lives were plagued by oppression on all sides. Their lives were impoverished in every sense of the word: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. The Americas held a promise for the righteous soul to have a chance to suckle the sweet nectars of life, liberty and happiness which they had been deprived of under the English crown. Yet, many of those optimistic of new life encountered even more struggles than before. And for the majority of Americas’ Natives the newcomers —both the righteous of heart and corrupt-hearted— would become death sentences in the forms of disease, slavery, war and thievery.

And still, despite all hell and high waters, here we are today in the United States—American Natives, their descendants; European, African, Asian, and Australian immigrants and their descendants—vividly coloring the melting pot of the world. But ole’ Lady Liberty, I fear, has never looked so dull and uneffervescent.

As of 2014, approximately 7 million people within the corporate United States borders live in financial poverty.

From our metropolitan areas to our suburbs, poverty gives no fxcks. From single-parent families to married  couples with collegiate degrees—poverty gives no fxcks. And while the colorable legalities of United States legal system cause much distress for our various ethnic groups with its spewing of racial tensions and injustices all about the country; poverty blurs color lines.

No matter if you are man or woman, boy or girl, infant or senior, native born or of immigrant decent, tan, olive or purple with pink polka dots poverty can find you, and poverty will consume you—if permitted.

Poverty: Man Made and by man very Well Kept

Poverty is unnatural.

Mother Earth, Gaia is the All-Giving Mother. She provides enough food, water, land, fuel and whatever else each individual creature walking the good green earth may need to live a good prosperous fulfilling life.

But Egypt what about. . .

  • Land shortages? . . .false. There is plenty of land for housing because we as a collective of humans are still the masters of masonry, mound cultivation, tiny homes, tree-houses, skyscrapers, and much more.
  • Water shortages? . . .  Distillation, purification, well water, in-home conservation practices, springs and other running sources.
  • Fossil Fuels? . . . for starters drive less, walk more, bike more, use public transportation, enjoy home, reduce use of plastic, utilize the sun’s energy [solar panels, sunlight before electrical lighting]
  • Electricity and Heat? . . .Solar power, water power, sticks and flints and poofs we have fires.
  • Money? . . . uh, paper or nah? the dollar is crashing — you didn’t read that here . . . go’head get yourself some gold and silver {brought to you by our good ole’ Mother Earth},  a yuan times a bunch, cash in those tarnishing pennies and save your pocket change Kings and Queens. After all according the the rest of the world, and US constitution the only real money is backed gold and silver coins: gold standard

okay, Okay, Now back to the title. . .

Living broke; so I’m pretty sure everywhere on the globe has its own version, translation and understanding of a word meaning I ain’t got or barely got a pot to piss in— or  a bad case of the I’m all out of paper money blues. We see it in the U.S., in the eyes of the struggling mother cashing in her welfare check that’s neither well, nor fair. You see it in the hunger craved faces the children scavenging for food atop mountains of infectious garbage in Nepal. In Canada. Central AmericaSouth AmericaEurope. Africa. Australia.

Living broke becomes a lifestyle. 

People don’t just wake up one day and say “Hey! I think I want to be broke today”. . .no, in reality we all fall on hard times at some point in our personal and family-orinentded lives. And like all hard times, poverty can be alleviated. Yet, often we fall victim to negative situations as opposed to choosing to be the adversary. Choosing for ourselves whether poverty will be to consumes our entire being. When we allow poverty to consume us we unconsciously begin living busted.

Living busted becomes a mindset.

When we allow ourselves to become complacent in our hardships we slowly but surely stop looking for ways out of our bad situations, off of our hard times. We no longer make the effort use our talents, gifts and abilities to elevate us out of our impoverished state of being.

the fixer

Be your own salvation. 


Be decisive! Do you want to exist in poverty or not? It’s your decision. The universe or your Provider will conform to your humble request in due time and karmatically, but first you have to make a choice.

Be clear!  What is it that your mind, body, heart, soul, spirit desires? Think deeper than paper money . . .maybe you really do need more dollars, but maybe what you need to ask for is a new profession, or possibly spiritual help creating something from nothing [ie. art, book, clientele] for a profit.  

Keep your faith! that you deserve greater. Don’t falter in prayers, meditations or correspondences with your Provider.

Do it!  Ideas will come, act on them. People will offer you resources [constructive criticism, , sift them like wheat, and those who you feel intend you good take and make good use of what they offer. Ambition and drive will seem to come from nowhere —DON’T STALL OUT!

Purge your mind and spirit! Only a vessel with room to receive can be filled. If you are full of the thoughts, beliefs and remnants of being impoverished, broken and busted, YOU WILL NOT have room to receive anything greater.

Sacrifice! Sacrifice! and Sacrifice! Be willing to give your all in order to receive more. Be willing to sacrifice, put in work. Your time, your deeds, your finances, your thoughts, your mind, your heart, your body, your talents, your gifts, your abilities, your knowledge and much more may be required of you.

Be Grateful! just as grateful for the struggle as you shall be for the reward.



Abundance is much much much more than paper money! The sooner you, we, understand this fact, the sooner we can become wealthy in life and, yes, rich in paper money too.

To live in abundance translates to having the capability to freely provide the spirit, mental, physical needs and desires of one’s own well-beings and the like of his or her immediate family.

Living in abundance is a matter of living a life of gratitude for the NOW! Every struggle is a lesson, and a chance for you to use your current situation good or bad for the betterment of your future. If you are left with only  $10 FRN to your name after paying your bills, BE GRATEFUL for that ten, and all that you will use it for. . . trust me. I’ve been there before, and I promise your gratitude will cause the universe and your world to shake, shift, break and bend to make sure all that you need to survive, grow and thrive is provided. These provisions may come in the form of a person, an idea, a new source of income, a gift, a peace of mind. . .this list is infinite—only dependent on your personal situation, your faith, your needs and your inextinguishable desires to obtain all that you want, need and deserve for your unwavering faith in your Provider’s ability to provide for you.

Believe it or not, the solution is always easier than the problem.

Poverty Thresholds

Poverty thresholds are determined by the US government, and vary according to the size of a family, and ages of the members. In 2014, the poverty threshold—known more commonly as the poverty line—for an individual was $12,000. For two people, the weighted average threshold was $15,000.

One bedroom apartments in Baltimore rent for $1092 [$13, 104 – 12 month lease, no utilities] a month on average and two bedroom apartment rents average $1358 [$16,296 – 12 month lease, no utilities].

  • Three people: $19,000

  • Four people: $24,000

  • Five people: $29,000

  • Six people: $32,000

  • Seven people: $37,000

  • Eight people: $41,000

  • Nine or more people: $49,000

Egypt English

Written by Egypt English

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