“Patience pays.” —Egypt’s teabag tag pick

I ramble on and on week after week about faith.This week started with an exercise of faith: seeking abundance instead of living impoverished [mentally, spiritually, physically, financially]. I encourage faith because I know it is what keeps us motivated enough to exhaust every avenue available with sure hope that we will receive a greater reward in life, and in death. {These rewards will be relative to each individual’s own spiritual system, but  will always  be karmic and just, because the universal laws don’t play favorites amongst the good god beings].

But patience . . .

That reestablished, faith not only requires patience, it demands it!

To be of good faith is to know and trust that your provider will provide, and will do so right on time—assuming you are doing everything  humanly possible to aid the process and not hinder it.

Patience is the mental ability or power to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without becoming angry, upset, desperate or deterred. Patience is the gatekeeper of your sanity. Patience says to fears and doubts “Peace be still, in due time my faith will be rewarded . . .


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, & Goodnight


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    1. Do write one!
      My patience has been tested a lot lately, so when I drew this tag I was engulfed in a sense of relief, and wee bit of much needed self-chastisement ♥^_^♥
      Thank you as always! Jahla♥

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