I used to say I’d rather drown

than die by fire— be charred beyond recognition by flames.

Yet now,  I stand self adducing—

spewing from my mental time after time that I rose from those blazing snares

purged, scourged, blackened with soot; but exculpated and true.      And now the solace I thought was to come upon drowning seems quite vindictive as I thrash about the relentless waves cast up from Haides’ seas of mist and darkness. Sweet sounds of Seirēns tease the thistles my ears and for moments brief, but always sure, I feel the tide changing. Shifting. Gentle.      I float

and then the drowning commences once again.

—♥ E.

The Ineludible Purging of Seaera Marie

© 2016 E. English Publishing Group

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