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The hardest thing for most people to do nowadays is pause or take a break from life’s hustle and bustle. This is understandable because for many people work and tons of other activities that feel like work consume our livelihoods leaving us with very little time to live, catch a breathe, much less catch enough Zzz’s to offset the need to run off of the usual two cups of coffee.


So how do you PAUSE . . . pull NIKE’s move and “Just Do It!”. Seriously, we know we can’t just take a break from the 9-5 anytime we would like, so please don’t go hitting the pause button every time your Boss’s shadow darkens your personal spaces. Pretty sure that will not end well. . . at least not for you bank account, but hey! what do I know… Nevertheless, learn to say NO to some things, especially extracurricular activities that tend to pull you out side of the house oh to often. Not everyone’s time use chart looks the same, and workdays tend to be a lot more hectic than the weekend, so why not begin with making good use of your OTHER time and Leisure and sports time; providing you don’t have a lil Jimmie or Susie who has after school activities 8 days a week :-/. Yet, for many people in 2016 this “extra” or “free” time is devoured by television or social media, and sadly not much else.

So how do Frank & I create time to PAUSE?

  • Focus | why do I need to pause? How do I feel right now? Stressed? Lost? Fatigue? Bored? In need of change or excitement?
  • Unplug | Whether it’s for 30 minutes or 2 hours, TURN OFF ALL! phones, tablets, computers, televisions, music players. . .yea, it’s way pass time to kick it ole’ skool.
  • Be Accountable | Your YOU/US time is much needed to function without blowing a gasket or plunging into a world of subconscious depression …SO DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!


List of Simple Pauses

  • Go for a walk or run
  • Go into your Good Mood Space {don’t have one CREATE YOUR OWN …DIY to come I suppose}
  • Have a silent dance party [great for laughs, de-stressing and bad rhythm]
  • In love/in like? Get intimate {nope didn’t say sexual—although that isn’t a bad idea if you and the honey have been skipping out on the good lovin’}
    • Intimate: Cuddle up on the couch and talk about life with your special someone OR with the whole family OR snuggle up with a blankie and talk or write about life with YOURSELF.
  • Cook a nice candlelight dinner fill with good mood foods from The Spirit Food List for yourself, your better half, or your family.
  • Hop in the car and get lost {time away from your usual stomping grounds can be really refreshing}
  • Picnic in the park, your backyard, or on your patio/balcony
  • Meditate. Pray. Chant.
  • Play a brainy board game or card game [Scrabble, Checkers, Solitaire]
  • Do Yoga, workout, practice Tai Chi or CREATE YOUR OWN ROUTINE
  • Work on a new recipe
  • Focus on a hobby or passion you’ve been putting off
  • Take a walk through nature or just find a place to sit and take it all in.
  • Pamper yourself: Women: bring out the nail files, polish and flexi-rods it’s time to pick up Lil Susie looking like a bombshell … Men: give yourself a nice fresh shave and maybe try a new hair cut or style, and give the office a new conversation piece…your swag.
  • Write with one purpose only! spill canvas
  • Doodle/sketch/paint your mental
  • Do nothing, just be
  • Breathe

Yeah, so for our faithful eyes—y’all know Frank and I only have Kobe  . . and in the great grand scheme of rearing furry children I think we did pretty darn good! and we have a cute little furry daughter-in-law and chubby grandbabes to prove it. . .but no actual 100% human child YET! So take it from these Mommies and a Daddy that can tell you a thing or two about making time for sanity.


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Love you all to bits!



0 thoughts on “#Teaspiration Thursday | Pause

  1. Aww! Thanks for the mention <3 . I love your list of simple pauses. I walk/run A LOT! I find it helps me to find time to breathe, and to clear my mind. Love & Hugs.

    1. My honor Queen! and thank you.
      I just recently started walking more and it definitely refreshing, and gives me time to gather my thoughts…as for running, eh if racing Frank through Wal-Mart at two in the morning counts, then yes I do that too 😛 ?

      1. Lol, it does count my lovely friend. i find running really helps with any frustration I may have, but I find your way even better! More…fun. ?❤
        Much love to you.

    1. My Honor Sis! From my perspective I know you’ve master I’m sure at least 85% of what you’re suppose to know at this point in life. Lolz I can’t even begin to image what that means in terms of motherhood. But we all know Munch knows you’re a great mother.

      1. LOL. Thank you again. He’s a pretty awesome kid and I’m just honored that I was the vessel that he was birthed through. It’s stressful as he is getting older (read my post today) but he’s worth every gray hair.

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