NEW Poetry Video | A week or so crammed into two decent sentences and one bad run-on.

So finally I received the push I needed to light the fuel beneath my own rear-end. I am now moving full speed ahead in production mode. In the last week I shot a video with the help of Frank, recorded my first official poetry spill for self, learned my way around Adobe Premiere *score!*, had dinner and shock hands with United States Senators and campaigner leaders, stripped my gears over reports and funny figures, wrote, cuddled and thought, hit the gym, ballet’d about the kitchen with much gaiety, half watched Aladdin twice, ran errand after errand, hosted weekend guests, watched a NBA massacre with the in-laws,  began my final must-do online publishing project for 2016 ☺, studied LOA, enrolled in summer ’16 courses, explored the wonderfully mysterious world of Bats and Black Birds, released my first official poetry spill for download on Soundcloud, dropped my “i be Blk god” video on Youtube, and last but not least— just launched Royal VP™



Watch Egypt-English - i be Blk god [Poetry-Spill]

As always I love you!



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  1. ‘half watched Aladdin twice’- haha

    I will listen and watch your video tomorrow, good job on productivity!

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