#Teaspiration Thursday | I Just Am That I Am Bruh Get Use To It

I am safe in the universe -Baltimore, MD

Yesterday, I closed my eyes, reached into our #Teaspiration jar, and I said to the universe and all of my celestial consorts “give me something that not only I need, but something we all need.” I wiggle my fingers around in the hodgepodge of teabag tags smiling like a child in a candy store. I plucked from the jar the first one that found its way between my index and middle fingers. I flipped it over, and there in my hands I found “comfort”; nothing more, nothing less.      — Egypt’s musing

The latter accepted, who doesn’t need comfort? Better yet, who doesn’t just simply want comfort? Who doesn’t desire to be comforted? If you say to me you do not you don’t care for comfort, I’ll say to you are in denial, and you just don’t want to admit that the universe is right . . . it’s undeniable that every person, every being inhabiting this brown-green watered earth longs innately to be comforted—to exist and thrive in a state of comfort.

To be comforted by the universe, or your provider, simply means you possess the power and the faith to say with sure divinity “I am safe within the universe. I am free within the universe. I am secure within the universe. I am living abundantly within the universe. I am favored by the universe. I am undeniably blessed within the universe.”

As always I love you all! You are awesome, and I pray you all many, many comforts! Jahla ♥

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Written by Egypt English

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