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Inspired#Teaspiration Thursdays#Teaspiration Thursday | Be The Tree Who Gives No Fxcks

#Teaspiration Thursday | Be The Tree Who Gives No Fxcks

“The universe is the stage on which you dance, guided by your heart.”

—Egypt’s search for direction ends abruptly.

No one can stop you.

No one can stop you from dancing for rain if you so choose to dance for rain. Your mind is your only gauge of how far you are able to travel through and in this life. You are the only person who can stifle the noise only you have the potential to make. You are the only person who can sell yourself short. You are the only being who can make you believe that you are not able or capable of accomplishing or achieving something grander than your present. Although others may try to convince you that you are powerless in your pursuit of changing your atmospheric pressure—it is and will forever be only you who can continue to dance to the sounds and measures of such negativity.

Listen only! to those who insist that you can do all that your mind can envision in your due and just time.

Listen to the universe surrounding you—telling you, encouraging you, and uplifting you to believe in the power of your very own rain dance.

Jahla many times My Loves,


Do you! Kings & Queens . . .

Live your life. Eh, it’s that simple, and all that you truly desire will slowly, but surely come into fruition for you and yours.

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I am in the business of creating my best life with confidence. As a poet and spoken word artist, I have one unified duty — encourage love and inspire greatness by being the voice of nature. Connect with me via Instagram @_leideEnglish or email me at Salaam.

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