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Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness


Let the adventure begin! ♥ LoveTrip from Sappony to the Big D ♥This weekend was lovely; to say the least. Frank & I stole the opportunity to travel down to my homeland for my BruhBruh and Sissy’s farewell family dinner party, to see my la Madre on her birthday, and to kick it with some of my cousins for a spell. In hindsight, we had a very relaxing weekend without the fuss of editing, reporting, recruiting and endless email threads. I must admit I was super excited to get away from the constant hustle and bustle of the ever-woke DMV for a breath of fresh air. *ssssh* don’t tell Frank. However, I’m sure he will admit rolling into the sleepy South with the sunroof up, windows down and the fresh breezes blowing in off the montage of trees brought some much-needed life back to our zombie-like bodies.

The highlight of the weekend, of course, was these two lovebirds!
Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness with Maddy & CJBruhBruh and Sissy, aka C.J. & Maddy. They are currently, as I type this, embarking on what I would consider a lovetrip of a lifetime. Think of it like this—two country bumpkins packing up life and love, tossing it all in suitcases and moving trucks, then traveling 10.5 hours from a world composed primarily of tobacco fields, farmland, and cow pies, to a world of big city skyscrapers and never ending traffic jams! Yes, I know I made that seem a lot more daunting than it really will be after about 6 months or so. Nevertheless, it’s a great big leap for two souls in their early twenties.

Still, when I look back and think about the days we all spent vibing and surviving in the smoldering heat of that good ole’ raceway, and the horse camp turned motorsport camp—I cannot imagine a more picture perfect couple to tackle a whole new world together. I remember when I first moved to Greater Baltimore, and move in with Frank—I was a wee bit shell shocked and super nervous about fitting into my new lifestyle. It took me almost a year to get mentally settled into the metropolitan lifestyle. Eh, but I highly doubt the time will go so slow for BruhBruh and Sissy. Nope, they are always rearing and ready for their next big love adventure. Plus, they both simultaneously realized upon their first arrival into The Motor City that it is pretty much a food capital of the world. That being said . . . I’m sure they’ll get adjusted really quickly!             So cheers! to brunch and Mojitos in Motown.

Love you two always . . .

Bon voyage! Safe travels. . . In bocca al lupo . . . and do good to do good ^_^

. . . See you soon!

♥Shi Shi


Written by Egypt English

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