Did anyone order a rush delivery wedding? I did! I did!!! 

Sooooooo the wedding is officially OFF! . . . well at least as far September 17th, 2016 is concerned. For a brief moment, upon being physically, mentally and spiritually forced to adult-up and make this seemingly impossible decision I was livid but more-so distraught. Now, I breathe a sigh of “Oh my god! what was I thinking trying to cram more hell into a hellish year“—relief.

Like everything else in Frank and I’s topsy-turvy:way-to-fast:can-I-catch-a-breath lifestyle, our Celebration of Love was being rushed. And with only a month to plan the homestead wasn’t ready thanks to those trees that fell that one time, my dress is still nothing more than yards of fabrics, no food has been planned, no flowers arranged, no MC or DJ summoned, no travel arrangements made …oh! and we can’t forget—98% of the guest list has yet to be formally informed they are indeed guests… how’s that for holy matrimony? more like holy hell right?!

To say the least, Frank wasn’t happy about me settling for a thrown together shindig, and let’s just say the Madres were a little-wee-bit uh, not really having our madness. Sooooo instead of tying cans to the back of someone’s ole’ stagecoach this month, we’re kicking our ever-tumbling can on down the dusty trail once more! This time, we’re landing in Spring! Eh, where I wanted it to be in the first place—yeah y’all remember all that jazz about wanting an April wedding and whatnot ^_^.

Never try to force an ocean to go with your flow, you’ll only get lost in its waves.

Yup, well now I can truly say I’m super excited and beyond ready to get to the real planning! Of course, I’m taking you all along for the ride. And now that I actually have to time to fall in love with this wedding process,  I have a bit of fun in store! So stay tuned for this new madness! and as always …


♥ Egypt

P.S. I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! :-*

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