#truestory: My middle name may as well have been Procrastination.


For quite some time I was convinced I was broken, and that my procrastination was nothing more than a bad habit.      How’s that for going against the social grain?     I’m sure many of my former English professors will shiver at such a blasphemous statement if they happen to click this link. Nevertheless, do rest assured if PROCRASTINATING is your thang…know I stand by you 100% and do nothing less than support and encourage you to be the greatest Procrastinator you could ever be!

Okay my Loves, now that we’ve thrown the rules of modern society out of your window, let’s make this irrational thinking a wee bit more rational.

#lifeExperience: As an intellectual at Frostburg State University I fell into English Literature—eh, obviously not because it was my first choice, but because I had pretty much exhausted all of my mental patience with my fancies like Theatre, Computer Science, Biology, Sociology and Law. Thus, when the rubber met the road, and the end of Sophmore year rolled around and I still had no clue what to major in, I resorted back to my first love “writing” and combined that with my admiration of history observed through the eyes of literary artists. Upon making my decision I began to realize slowly I had set myself up for a possible disaster.

See, although I didn’t major in English grammar—grammar is, well, no less a factor in all English concentrations. And while myself and another classmate tied for the highest “A” in English Comp our freshmen year I would never enter a grammar competition guns a’blazing as if I am indeed an expert in that tedious craft.  No, instead I’ll be the first to admit when it comes to editing academically and professionally nowadays know I’m never so overly confident that I go without referencing my grammar books, guides and the bestie—Google.

Premise set:  My thoughts, critical thinking and creative writing abilities rarely went unapplauded during my FSU studies, and as I wrote more theses my arguements grew more and more complex #progression. However, for the first time in my academic career my procastination still met its matches many times: namely in the form of 5-10 page papers due at 8 am… timecheck? uhhh…12 am the morning of, introductory paragraph complete…Needless to say, some of my essays took a pretty big hit—not to mention one or two classes did too.

Why start there?

Because I spent most of my Junior year, then Senior year and a half beating myself up, trying to figure out how to get my writing assignments started and finished with minimal grammar errors on time!

Progress starts with knowing you have a process that needs to be adjusted.

Yet, the issue which finally proved impossible to fix was my mental inspiration, aka my procrastination. Writing, like all of my artist endeavors, is something I’ve always been inspired to do. The ability to craft thoughts into words never really panned out well or authentically when I forced the magic. And when it came down to it all of my best and most organized thoughts came in like a whirlwind the night before a paper was due. It never mattered if I outlined my essay 3 weeks before the due date—no, those good juices just would not flow like fresh-pressed olive oil until, well, my brain was thrown under the pressure to do so in a time crunch—in retrospect, I guess you may say I was always an institutionalized educational system hazard. To say the least, I earned my degree on the graces of being blessed with the skill of critical thinking, the gift of in-depth thought articulation and pure determination to not fxck up. . . completely at least.

 Tweak your process . . .

Each day you wake up and decide to work on your dreams you have made progress no matter how tedious the process of doing so appears.

What slows us down is often nothing more than our inability to prepare for our own individual processes.

Procrastination good; unpoised bad.

#hindsight: Now approaching year 5 of being an alumni of the alma mater which helped me learn a plethora about myself as an individual and a modern day scholar, I realized my bouts with mental inspiration and timeliness would not have been at all seemingly unmanageable had I just tweaked my process—and taken as much pride in actually studying grammar as I did honing my abilities to formulate a complex argument about the social pressures of Victorian society that caused Dr. Jekyll to act out as Mr. Hyde. . . eh, well you live and you learn.

Five years removed I know it was all that simple…studying and being fluent in academic and professional grammar rules and punctuation would have not only saved me the headache of losing points on a well thought out thesis and argument, but it would have saved some of my professors a ton of red ink!

A process is based off of an input value; thus, it is just as much alterable as it is expendable.


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