By now you all know that Frank and I’s primary religions have always been faith, and the highest law observed by both him and myself is love. If that’s not clear by this point in time then you obviously don’t rock with me for my blog posts. BUT! that’s okay because I love you anyway, and to all my dear Loves, my Queens, my Kings who have been rocking with us since the beginning of all of our LoveTrips™ madness! and or hopped on board this mountain train somewhere since HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY TO US!

{August 6th ♥^_^♥}

I sit, and I raise my cup of Triumph tea to you! because you’re still HERE! And to Self, I pour a swig of E&J for the yesteryear me. Why? Well despite all my ups and downs, happys and sads, soul-searches, and soul purgings, I am HERE too! now. And I dare say many of you know you have been Inspirations 101’s and 401’s along the last year of Frank and I’s lovetrips. The latter, according to me, is nothing less than love personified and oh so exemplified to its highest! Know because of your love, and encouragement of faith in the times which harbored the good ole’ silver lining that often appears none existent — you all fueled my hope.

On my honor, know each day I praise the Universe and all of the Elohim for rearranging whatever pieces, atoms, and molecules in order for each of you beautiful souls to drift in, around, and through our space. .  . [to be continued. . . ]

. ♥.I love you till the end of time and back again. Know this to be true. ♥.

♥ Egypt

 First post . . .

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