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This past 365 days and some change sought to conjure up a whirlwind of topsy-turvies for us to not only endure but to prevail over. And because many of you are not aware, I’ll just say the 365 days which preceded this now passing catastrophic year wasn’t what I would call a walk in a beautifully forgotten park either—eh, more like an anxiously heart palpitating run through the dark and lonely streets of Time Square, New York just before midnight, chasing an again soon to be forgotten falling skittle. No, Frank and I were newlyweds of the elopish sort—and had been forced to separate spaces, but never hearts for four long seasons: Tañyi, Waneñi1, Weha Ehimpe2, and Wehe Píma3 –that Winter was the coldest season I’d ever faced, and we both in our own worlds had survived the 2010 blizzard in the montañas of Frostburg.

That said, having gone through hell and brimstone for two years straight, surviving merely off of sleepless hope, anxious faith, and still love I humbly and sincerely say to you my dear comrades I still could never have dreamt a more perfect Muur to have, and to have sought me out of a thousand faces, and to have’hopped aboard that ‘Ole Mountain Thunder back in Tañyi 2011 with I—and do believe I could fathom no other souls than your Beautiful One’s to transition this Tañyi with {tangent: lost in amazement}. Bilahuk mis andestagōnwah        [thank you my Loves.]

Nevertheless, Frank and I are now looking forward to the ups and downs, and the twist and turns of 2017. With the present year in transitioning, I figure I should transition as well—after all, I’ve grown quite enamored by the seasons over the days and nights. I felt as if this is indeed the perfect time to begin emptying out my study of Self, Heritage, Cosmology, Spiritology, and of course Loveology. Yet, the latter made me realize I was going to be needing a boat load of content in exchange for your lovely ojos, subsequently, I would be requiring multiple mediums, but I want to really construct and perfect these before I unveil all…

As I’ve made mention before, many of you have been here through the good days and the not so favorable days—you’ve brought with you your love, support, encouragement, motivation, much-needed testimonies, cheerfulness and even lots of hugs! For all of this I am grateful—grateful to know that in a world on fire there are still heavenly beings walking this earth with andestagōnwa[love] and biwa[peace] in their hearts.

Thus, to pass the time of crafting to celebrate hope, faith, and love—as well as our happily belated LoveTrips™ the BLOG 1st year anniversary…how’s that for a mouthful, eh—and to, of course, honor your 250 Beautiful Espiritús we’re going to take a nostalgic little stroll down 734 Malem Trail…

Forever indebted,

      . ♥.leideEnglish..

Waneñi1  : Winter — [wah-naynn-ee]

Weha Ehimpe2 : Spring— [way-hah ay-heem-pah]

Wehe Píma3 : Summer— [way-hey peem-ah]

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