Against a liquid fence

I Saw God . . . then I heard S’He speak.

April 12, 2013 — Akenatzy Country [Clover, VA] (originally posted to Nadira’s Locs)

Call me crazy, but my day was amazing . . . Selah.

A voice in nature - Nappy Nahdee

I have never in my life been so, so something. After work today I left the office, and I did the usual: wait for my brother and his partner to finish up work in the backwoods. So I sat up against a wood fence and took in the scenery. It was magnificent, divine. As I’m writing this know that I’m beyond overwhelmed with emotion at this point… Still standing here, barefoot, stuck, and trying to make sense of all that just happened to me, trying to relay to you all that God just gave me. Continue reading “I Saw God . . . then I heard S’He speak.”

Saponi Country - Feeding the goats

#Teaspiration Thursday | On my honor . . .

Let your manners speak for you.

Realize you are either a benevolent or a malicious reflection of your Provider and consequently the Universe. Know that you are not simply the measure of only your words, but in your entirety, you are a measure of the latter, your thoughts, and your every action. Continue reading “#Teaspiration Thursday | On my honor . . .”