Originally posted: September 14, 2013 on Journey to Malem 

Since December 14th, 2012 I suppose it is worth noting that it currently feels as though our world is constantly on fire—burning from the inside out. Well, I am in complete agreement with all of you who feel this way.However, I’m an optimist and I feel that world burning is a beautiful thing. To see the silver lining, you have to look at this, look at it like the yin and the yang symbol . . .

World on Fire - Yin and Yang

See, no matter how bad the world may look on the big screen, no matter how corrupt the White House appears, no matter how many people are gearing up for wars, no matter how many people are:

  • abusing our working class and the poor
  • starving our children, adults and elderly
  • kicking our fellow humans out of their homes
  • dumbing down our children’s education
  • dictating our every move
  • spying on our every action
  • monetizing our health care
  • preparing to lock up our young men
  • aiming to degrade our young women
  • …watching the fall of “We the People” … silently

. . .know there is some good in the midst of this burning, and know that it is our job as a human race to set this world on fire. And no I’m not talking flames of destruction, like fire and brimstone or Hell’s flames. . . no ma’am and no sir —I’m talking about a good ‘ole spiritual purging.

World on Fire - Hell's Fires

Pay attention, close attention, because while the entire world appears to be heading directly for complete destruction and devastation, there are souls out here; beautiful souls full of love, peace, and harmony. Souls inside of humans forms—of all different ethnicities, nationalities, genders, religions, degrees and spiritualities, ages, occupations, trades, hierarchies—gearing up as well. Yes my friends they are:

  • preparing knowledge, and dropping it
  • thinking of new and more effective, more individualized teaching strategies
  • planting trees, growing nutritious food
  • providing free and sufficient heath care
  • sheltering our hungry and homeless
  • harnessing the powers of technologies for good uses
  • promoting healthy relationships
  • rearing and guiding the young minds of the future
  • showing our men how to be strong and smart
  • showing our men how to love and elevate their wives
  • showing our women how to respect themselves
  • showing our women how to love and uplift their husbands
  • speaking words of love, peace, and harmony
  • loving our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually
  • showing us how to speak the language of the Universe. . .

So the next time you encounter a devastating situation, one which makes you want to curl up in the fetal position, get mad and angry or fall down on your knees praying — go searching for beauty, love, peace and/or harmony. And my dear friends if you are unable to find either in your current surroundings—push the boundaries, go beyond your comfort zone, move out of your current realm of consciousness and create the love and peace that you could not find. Help manifest that beauty because it is there—it simply needs some beautiful dedicated souls to throw some holy fuel on the fire.

World on Fire - Planting trees

Peace and Love,


Egypt E.

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