Finding Forever in a Man

April 04, 2013 — Originally posted Nadira’s Locs

Image of Dusk by Nadira Sayyida

Image of Dusk by Nadira Sayyida [Susquehannock Country]

With him, I am perfect. My locs feel like sun rays, my eyes can see forever, my body—the Taj Mahal of the sky. With him, I am whole. With him, I speak God—and life, well it becomes simplistic.


We are complete opposites, in just about every and any physically or mentally conceivable way—from how we view this great world, to what we like, what we do and say, to how we like our dinner, where we want to live—mostly, we agree to disagree. Give me a burger with all the works, and he’ll just take his plain. He’s chocolate, I’m vanilla. He’s slim and an exercise freak…lolz, me not so much—but we look good together. I’m just the good ole country gal who fell in love with a fast-talking, quick-handed city boy. I love taking pictures of myself, anytime, anywhere—I think he’s allergic to cameras. He’s non-confrontational…well, I’m not. He’s the Hip-Hop artist, I’m the singer— together we give poetry a beautiful voice. He lives for graffiti, while I dance in cursive—life to us is just this beautiful juxtaposition. He watches winter and finds the solemnness in its dying, but I come bearing a smile and a young sapling to its burial—together we see the harmony in life and death . . . He is the social elite—and me…the loner. There are days when he is just concrete and city blocks, and I am stone and blades of grass. He is the tangible, the real, the reason—and I—the abstract, the idea, the metaphor—during the intercourse of beings, yes, we make love out of war.

Yin & Yang

I am Earth and He is Air.

"Locless King" by Nadira Sayyida

“The Locless King and the Cat Who Saved Our World from the Hellhounds” by Nadira Sayyida

His Heart…

I would follow this man to the ends of the earth.

I would trust him to carry my heart in his hands through Hell and back again.

And God said to Moses “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

Exodus 33:20.

It is written, many times that no man, no mere human can behold or look upon the Almighty in Fullness and all divine Glory. Because of the latter, I count any second a blessing, a privilege, an honor when I can stand next to, stand with, stand before the other half of my soul—because each day, in him, I see God.

God Body by Nadira Sayyida

God Body by Nadira Sayyida [Susquehannock Country]

Peace and Love, Namaste

Egypt. E


King & Queen at Play

Written by Egypt English

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