#Teaspiration Thursday | 7.4+ Billion Shades of Green

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

William Shakespeare Amelia Bassano Lanier

We are perishing today from the lack of being able to see how connected we truly have always been to each other.

If you venture out into a vast meadow and take the time to analyze the blades of grass you will see that each blade’s roots are intricately intertwined with all the like and varying blades surrounding it by a complex web of roots. You can proceed to pluck one blade of grass at will, and though there may be some resistance, the task would not be considered very daunting. However, take hold of a larger amount of grasses and attempt to uproot those blades—you will find you are met with much more resistance—an unlikely and baffling strength: gravity amongst those unified roots.

You are but one human, and being like the one stalk of grass—vulnerable, but unique—you too are intricately intertwined in a complex world, a web of other human beings. Know that you are merely, but indefinitely a crucial part of the anatomy of our human race. Be a like the grass. . .

Forever yours,

—♥ Egypt

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