Live to share. . .

because sharing is truly caring.       You will acquire much knowledge during your lifetime— all of which being received and understood only as you yourself can. You will experience many moments as you journey along your path—experiences that will shape you and mold you into an even more complex individual than the one you are today reading these words right now. You will learn many lessons. Those lessons will be imperative in the progression of your works and deeds toward your soul’s purpose and earthly success.   Yet still, even though you are truly living your life alone, and although you could never live anyone else’s life for him or her—know you are an instrumental and necessary part and parcel of each and every individual’s space on this great green-blue earth.  Thus, do not be afraid to share that which you have acquired by quest, experienced through trial and error, learned via lessons taught, and lived through life thrown. All someones past, present, and future have, are, and will come into this world on their own unique journey alone ‘though in a room filled with people or only their respective mothers…and these souls will need gems to collect and trails to follow as they forge their ways through life toward destiny. Therefore, do not hesitate to be someone’s guiding light from afar or near. Live to share your light, so that others may see it and choose to turn on their very own beacons for other  weary and lonely travelers.

You are loved ♥ always,


Egypt E.

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