So I’m sitting in my vehicle outside of a busy Starbucks next to a less exciting mall—I’m people watching with my cup of Joe. During my observation of life going in, out and all about the tiny plaza my eyes focus in on a little girl and her father sitting beside the front window inside of Starbucks.

She was cute—in her a little Sunday dress, with her white tights and shoes, and a head full of blonde and bouncy curls.  I smiled as she smiled at her coloring page, sipped from her kid-size drink and then rose up on her knees and leaned across the table to show her daddy her finished masterpiece.

Soon, she retreated—back onto her hindside and twiddled her crayons for a bit as her father barely nods, never even looking up—but continuing his date with his mobile device.

And there I sat, with my own stars crushed, wondering if he went blind that very day would he fall asleep each night to come wishing for one more glimpse of his daughter in the beauty of her Sunday’s best or another scroll down his timeline. . .

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6 thoughts on “She is a vision of no priority…

  1. It’s more disheartenly often that this occurs in not just a child’s life. This is deep and perhaps the origin of many misplaced emotions for humans! I think I rather mine had been there physically than not at all.

    1. It happens far to much in everyone’s lives eh. You have a great point –better to have been there physically than not at all.We just have to make sure we keep our family and friends as priorities the best we can in this new technologically social age. Thanks Queen!

  2. It seems people are losing interest in anything that is not their phone or tablet. More often it is their phone. Smart phone? Stupid name for a contraption that is indeed trapping people. Social media is another silly thing, especially when you have a room fool of people and instead of simply talking face to face they chat through social media sites. Pretty soon no one will know how to talk to each other except by texting. There will be no more eye contact. Children learn from watching and if you don’t want your children to be constantly looking their phone you shouldn’t. I have watched as parents hand a toddler a phone or tablet in a restaurant so they can be on theirs. Everyone seems to be disconnecting, except to their phones. Heartbreaking.

  3. This is heartbreaking. The disconnect due to social media is real. Interesting enough…most people seem to expression similar thoughts and feelings about social media and technology while tightening their grip on it. I’m convinced that its an addiction.

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