We have a break in at the workshoppe. All is not calm all is not bright!
REPEEAT! All is not calm all is not bright!
—Elf, “Bob’s sleigh” {Netflix}

Even if you don’t go tinsel and glitter crazy or turn into a psycho version of St. Nick throwing your holiday magic all about this year—you may be struggling with the holiday season’s arch nemesis, and a very unwanted visitor bearing bad tidings. . .


Christmas shopping frenzy - Mall

See, we’ve grown unnaturally accustomed here in today’s world to trees and trimmings, expensive gifts and lavish events to celebrate the, well, the Christmas Season I suppose. Yet, the season has actually been so far removed from its celestial origins by our out-of-date customs that we find it nearly impossible to get into the holiday spirit.

For the Northern Hemisphere, we are transitioning into Wanañi or Winter. The first stop on our journey as usual—Winter Solstice—and we get the shortest day of the year, Wednesday, December 21st, 2016. Now, do not worry, you’ll still get your full 24 hours to drive yourself mad with must-do’s and to-do’s before the jolly big fellow stuffs himself down somebody’s neighbor’s chimney. That noted, you’ll just have a lot less daylight to turn your must-do’s to done-did’s, which usually makes way for abominable chaos.

One time for the Ancients and ‘nem . . .

See, back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again … lolz, and one time for my Hip Hop heads. Now seriously, the holiday season was so much more cheerful, happy and relaxed as a child. And even long before those years, there was a time when the Wanañi Solstice and the season itself truly had meaning. Yes! Wanañi ’twas the season to venture deep within yourself. It is still a time to find your quiet, your calm—a time to reflect and maybe even plan for your future…

but as we can plainly see—the Winter season looks nothing like a time of calm for many people nowadays. 

Christmas shopping frenzy - Victoria Secret

So remember! before you and your family run yourselves crazy trying to concoct the most wonderful Wanañi, Christmas or Kwanzaa celebration take some time to pause and reflect on all that has been accomplished this past year and begin to plan for all that will come in the new year. Realize it is never too late to start brand new traditions and customs that fit the ever-changing of our seasons, and your family.

Again! realize it is never too late to start brand new traditions and customs that fit the changing of our seasons, and your family. After all, ’tis the season of giving—so! share some memories that will be worth a lifetime, and save yourself the stress, the headaches, the promissory notes, and lot of unnecessary gift wrapping this Holiday Season.

Find your calm. Be your peace.

♥ Egypt

Upcoming December Holidays & Celebrations

Wednesday, December 14 Full Moon Lunar
Friday, December 16 Day of Reconciliation South Africa
Wednesday, December 21 Winter Solstice/Dōngzhì Festival Northern Hemisphere/China
Wednesday, December 21 Last Quarter Lunar
Wednesday, December 21 Winter Solstice (GMT) Solar
Saturday, December 24 Christmas Eve General
Sunday, December 25 Christmas General
Sunday, December 25 Hanukkah Jewish
Monday, December 26 Kwanzaa General
Thursday, December 29 New Moon Lunar
Saturday, December 31 New Year’s Eve General

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