The art of happiness is to serve all.

—Egypt waiting for coffee & donuts

Happiness is best served in the company of others. Ever set out to accomplish something grand and spectacular because it seemed like a good idea at the time…and you thought it would bring you loads of happiness and fulfillment? It probably was! and still is! a grand idea—but you “failed” or lost interest because the task somehow lost its luster, and you lost your drive? . . .

Don’t worry many people go through this daily, and I am no stranger to the latter. However, what I have learned and the overstanding I have acquired through my experiences and studies of cosmology, humans, and general animal life is this—when you throw an “I” in team the game you are playing suddenly gets a lot less exciting.

This is a simple, elementary, and very rudimentary observation because humans are innately wired to be servants of love to not only their individual selves but to their brothers and sisters around them: both near and far.

Struggling with your career choice, occupational hazard, profession, relationships, soul purpose, and/or passion? Pause. Reflect. Set out with a new aim—use your gifts and talents with the end goal of not merely helping yourself, but to help others as well. Start small with one person at a time.

Always yours in LOVE!


♥ Pay It Forward ♥