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June 2017


These walls tremble with silence. They know nothing of this fear. …that fear you get deep in your gut, in the forsaken cavities of the dark part of your heart…that shaky feeling, that familiar voice which whispers “It’s you,       it’s you ripping these walls apart—you pulling down the shingles from the rooftop […]

Communicate sacredness, build it, share it and spread it. —reaching for love in a mug All that is physical has an expiration date. We, in our current form despite complexion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetics, disability, religion, or veteran status, live steadily marching towards our individual expiration dates.  Yet, […]

Share your strengths, not your weaknesses. Egypt—pondering humility & vanity What is a weakness?  The Definitive: An area of my life I have yet to show an adequate expression of love to. The Declaration & Proclamation:  I have no weaknesses. Weakness does not exist. Therefore, I bear only to be completed processes—on-going interior renovations. Life is polluted with [&he

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