Teaspiration Thursday - Rose Shrouded in Thorns

#Teaspiration Thursday | Life is but an exquisite rose shrouded with pricks

He who wants a rose must respect the thorn…
—Persian Proverb

Egypt, a trainwreck in the mornings

You did not have it in you to go on, to rise, to shine…or so you thought. Each day comes and goes, but nothing appears to be getting any better or any easier for you. Life is dragging you through hell—and maybe, eh…no more than likely back again. You take one step forward one day and for what seems like 365 long stormy nights with no chance of sunshine you believe yourself to be traveling backward. Know, you are not. Life is set to constant progression—adorned with only setups: there are no such thing as setbacks. Whether or not you take the time to appreciate the hardships, the unfavorable situations, the tough lessons and the rough roads of life they are all necessary. From the hard times, you learn, you nurture and you experience all that makes your life unique, your journey worth the fight—and your victory so much sweeter and meaningful. At the end of the day we all want to live a beautiful life, one filled with adventures and the desires of our hearts—so, appreciate and please do respect the path it takes to get there my dear Loves.

Until forever ends, Yours Truly,