#Teaspiration Thursday - A compilation of yesterdays - Roots of Wisdom & Tarot

#Teaspiration Thursday | A compilation of yesterdays

What is done today is the tomorrow.

—Egypt and Frank talk discipline

What if there was a hole in our world?
What if it leads to tomorrow?
What if you had to jump through yesterday?
What if yesterday was the only way to get there.

—Egypt’s pen from some yesterdays’ago

Every yesterday in its prime was a today.

Everything you did yesterday and the yesterdays before has brought you here today—reading these words. Everything you do today—every breath you inhale and exhale, each thought you think, and all of the actions you take will set up all of your tomorrows to come.

Never forsake today. In all that you do think, breath, move, speak, live…do all of this with intentions to create a tomorrow that is good for you, a tomorrow you will love.

With love,


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