#Teaspiration Thursday | This is not a Teaspiration …*whomp whomp*

You’d be a great hero if you could just save yourself.

How often do you find yourself thinking about how you could save the world? Think about those days when all is going wrong and you are convinced that you need to do something that will help as many souls as possible. . .

That is the type of people Frank and myself are…we desire to help everyone and save everyone. Truth is, reality sucks. Just like traveling back into the past will never change the outcome of the present, but can dictate the way you plan for the future—living your life with the goal of saving people will never change the world, but living with the purpose and divine intent to save yourself will ultimately bring you people who are looking for the key to salvation.

So that’s what happened somewhere in our respective journey’s—our experiences, good and unfortunate, now fuel our salvation. Know that thus far in life you have been adequately equipped with all of the necessary tools and faculties required to save yourself from any and all trials and tribulations.

Don’t get it twisted though, you will still face woes, but if you harness the power of your experiences and acquired knowledge, you will also possess the know-how and the favor of the Universe to conquer your circumstances and situations, and ultimately rise above the hell you see and into the perfect bliss you seek.

We’ll be back to the #Teaspiration next week my loves! Eh, besides—I had a cup of Joe today…and it’s Wednesday. 😛


Written by Egypt English

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