Remember the game Where’s Waldo?

Frank and I strive to be like Waldo, the boldly dressed individuals who sink into the background at events and happenings. Outgoing we can be, but in reality, we simply like to cuddle and binge on Netflix with rice crispy treats and honey cheese curls when we’re not cramming our brains with books and pdfs or typing fingers ragged. At the same time, we have vast dreams for our tomorrows—and we know that each tomorrow began yesterday.

You must know what you desire your life to look like on your very last day on Earth. Live like you are dying. And you have my dearest apologies if no one cared or loved you adequately enough to tell you, but Love—you have been in passing mode since the very day you first emerged from your Mother’s womb. Welcome to life, one helluva fleeting ship.

If your world right now looks black as night, or bright and gleaming with hellfires—shed no tears if you are not comfortable. Instead, choose your own ending, and do not stop maneuvering through that darkness or those flames until you see light or smoke clearing.

Imagine Step II as being something like creating your very own vision board. Have fun! Feel up your board with all sorts of wonders and fancies. Maybe you’re like Frank and me, and your heart is content with the simple things in life—watching the stars, thrifting Goodwills for educational books and vintage relics, plopping on the couch for a Netflix and Chill…or maybe you have more lavish desires—traveling the world in the latest fancy cars and clothes, sky-diving from every great cliff with the love of your life, or owning a Fortune 500 company. I cannot say what gets you going in the AM, but Step II is where you begin to visualize your life as you desire it be one day. Start thinking about your PURPOSE and where you see it taking you. You never know, you may end up on a trip across the world working with missionaries in an underdeveloped country, in a higher education classroom for the first time learning the fundamentals of the profession of your dreams, or maybe behind the counter of your newly opened thrift shop and boutique! Step II affirms that the world is truly yours for the taking. If you honor your heart’s desires you will see them manifest.


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