LoveTrips™ | a complete overhaul…#1

King Frank & Egypt's Celebration of Love 2017 in Sapponi

So, what is next my Royal Lovers!? Eh! the Celebration has passed and we’re getting back to married life :-P, but most crucially our life of building… and might I add, the little break for love has been well welcomed by myself and Frank.

So, I will fill you in on what has Frank missing the melatonin peak hours here and there later—for now we’ll chat about what has me up late chasing thoughts across the expanse of my mind…and that is none other than YOU! No, I am not pulling your leg, just give me a moment or two to explain.

Overwhelmed… I’ve been quite devasted lately with the panning out of the last year or so. I set so many goals and deadlines for myself to meet, but y’all know me well enough to know I have no problem pushing up a deadline, if I set it, of course, ^_^. Nevertheless, recently or shall I say around March’s ending I began looking at my life more so through the eyes of a true Loveologist…I know, crazy right?

Where am I now? I often ask myself the latter, as if my life is on sliding scale and the only direction is up, although…acceleration speeds are mutable and stagnation is always a potential obstacle. For a while, my research, studies, and mentorship had me in a what you could call an undergraduate state of mind—mindful of Loveology, but not always indulging in the practical side. In other words, I was able to talk the talk and somewhat crawl, limp or roll through life while assisting a few weary travelers like myself every now and then—but life took an unsuspected nose dive around March.

There were no gigantuous fires to be extinguished or unclimbable mountains to ascend; eh, there was only I, going through another cloudy phase of my life. Feeling as though nothing I conjured manifested the great effects I initially desired. Interestingly enough, Frank and I sorta hit this same plateau around the same time. I know now that could only have been god-timing, as well as, the physics of being twin flames I suppose, eh, god-timing regardless.

I learned something on that plateau, something I have always subconsciously known about myself—ya’gal is a teacher at heart, just as much as I am a student, observer…sponge. And I am forced to learn so much more from my estudiantes and/or peers than I do my own research on many occasions.  Thus, in the process of being wifey, and encouraging Frank that being stuck in a cloudy stage phase is often the result of dust brewing from one’s mind racing itself and life.

In Light …

I, like Frank, like You, am a light being—and so I can travel at the speed of my light, or I can dim my own light by attempting to travel beneath its speed, and finally, I could blow a fuse because I’m trying to travel above and beyond my lightspeed. Well, in the process of stating the latter to Frankie—a lot less eloquently put and thought out—my own mind took a much-needed break from running rampant, and my spirit almost instantaneously calmed.

Here and now, we either exist or live in a world which is polluted with quick fixes, get rich quick schemes, fast-money scams, microwave breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and so much more. As an unfortunate result of institutionalization, we more times than not attempt to race ourselves to our goals, deadlines, and ends—clouding our minds with all of our own dust spewing.  I do this…and it is only when I halt and take the time to FOCUS simply on all of the broken pieces which lie before me that I see success peeking around the corner—I reach out, and it literally leaps into my hands. . . #truestory

I did not expect to have so much to say when I began this post, eh… be continued…

Your process is your process, only you can fxck up your flow. —E²


#TeaspirationThursday post will be up in a bit :-* …♥

I love you all to bits—hope you’re having a divus day Kings and Queens!

♥ Egypt

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