LoveTrips™ | a complete overhaul…#2

King Frank & Egypt's Celebration of Love 2017 in Sapponi

—for now we’ll chat about what has me up a late chasing thoughts across the expanse of my mind…and that is none other than YOU!

I have sat back and I have pondered, “What will my success look like as Wombman? Queen? Wife? Sister? Friend? Loveologist? . . . and in reality, my only answer is a world fueled by L-O-V-E.

Some may call this the naiveté of a young child’s heart who never grew up, others may consider the slightest notion as a waste of brain power—while others: a useless waste of time altogether. Contrary to all of the negative thoughts, doubts, and uncertainties, I know the world can and will exist where love defies all, conquers all and is ALL. Well, how on Earth do you know this Leide English? How can you a mere country gal from the sticks of Sapponi with all of her outlandishly utopic dreams be so certain a world of love is one: a foreseeable cure, and two: the ultimate cure?

I am certain for many reasons my Dear Loves. Primarily; however, this here little ole’ country gal from the foothills of the Sapon-Piedmont by the grace of the heavens stumbled upon a distant land in the mountains and fell harder than a penny from atop the Burj Khalifa for a rough, tough, smooth-tongued city-slicker from the Piscataway and We managed to create a vast world together, in which only We two can reside.  What fuels our world? What governs our world? What keeps the fires blazing at the core of our world? and what causes other celestial bodies to drift in and out and collide beautifully with our world you may inquire?… simply put, andestagōnwa, LOVE—there is nothing more, no less.

and well, YOU…who are synonymous with LOVE, so how’boutdat?¿

Somehow, some way you drifted into our world, and so many of you have remained tried and true readers, journeyers, followers, teachers, guides, lovers, friends—familia. This acknowledged, I know I owe you so much gratitude. I truly thank my Provider constantly for all of you who’ve blessed me, us, with love in ways that you may not even be aware.

Yet, how can I express the thank you’s that swell within the core of my being….this I asked myself many nights.

I had no answers.

Nevertheless, the Universe had answers for me, and they came by way of many of your thoughts—via here—theBLOG, theFEED, theCHANNEL, and most recently theSTATION. And I realize now my success is a close friend, but the most unexpected STATION listener, saying to me, “It’s dope listening to a whole show by you…” —that is love in the highest form. To have another from the opposite side of the globe who I’ve yet to have the pleasure to meet in person say that little ole me is always pouring so much love into her via Instagram aka theFEED...makes my cheeks burn hot and my heart skip to a new and refreshing beat. And well, of course, you all know how I, We, feel about You—100% Do or Die Official LoveTrip’ers :-P

…I mean like seriously, if it wasn’t for you all…eh, would there even be a BLOG, STATION, FEED…hiiiiiiiiighly unlikely.

For You, with andestagonwa…

From now on, I am meeting myself halfway… ??? … See, your love makes me want to do more, say more, be more, give more. I enjoy bringing smiles to your faces and love to your hearts. I love being invited into your individual worlds and uniting and reuniting with your glorious souls via your respective spaces. I love when we are all shifting beautifully in a world of coherence.  I am infatuated with feeling empty after hitting either publish, post or share and being refilled by your gracious love.

The halfway mark is me getting back to writing—blogging again—as Queen Sis Tikeetha over at A Thomas Point of View insisted I need to do during our first face-to-face meetings!—[more on that later ^_^]. That’s love! and I could never thank Her enough for that encouragement, that tiny spark which has had me in constant contemplation for almost two months now.

The halfway mark is filming more for theCHANNEL, which is getting its own little facelift and revamp. And yes, I have some fun waiting to be published and more to be uploaded!

And why the halfway? You’ve heard it said in some form or fashion if you make one step your Provider will make two…I know this to be true of my Higher Self, my Provider, my Universe, our Universe. I’m a living witness.

And so again I say …there’s just too much to say…

and so, I love you until forever finds a way to end…

…to be continued…

♥ Egypt

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