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Yes my Loves, I have receipts! but, the way my receipt stash is set up…I figured I skip the cents and give you the estimates rounded up. Chances are we spent less in categories like food, travel, and decor. Nevertheless, we came in under $1000 …and that even includes our rings believe it or not, but we’ll save that for a write waiting to be typed. Honestly, I never thought I’d be sharing this budget with anyone other than Frank, but I’ve had so many people say they cannot believe we did a ceremony, reception, and honeymoon under $1000. I hope this can be helpful for any of you looking to have a beautiful and memorable wedding and not break your bank account.

Item Expense Unused Amount
Dress Materials (Mother = Seamstress)  $        60.00
Dress’incase  $        50.00  $        (50.00)
Headdress  $          5.00
Shoes  $          5.00
Bouquet  $        40.00
Suit –Tie, Tie Clip  $        55.00
Shoes  $        45.00
Honeymoon Outfit (Egypt)  $          8.00
Wedding venue  $        40.00
Honeymoon stay  $     175.00
Travel (Gas, food – HM included)  $     100.00
Invitations  $               –
Food  $        80.00  $        (40.00)
Cake and Party Favors  $        60.00  $        (35.00)
Décor/Utensils/Eatery  $        80.00  $        (25.00)
Photography (printing)  $        50.00
*Videography  $               –
Bridal Party Accessories  $        35.00  $        (10.00)
Officiant  $               –
Music  $               –
*Marriage license  $            n/a
*Rings  $            tbc…  
*Wedding planner  $               –
Set up and Take Down  $               –
 Wedding Weekend Hotel Stay  $     Gifted
Total of Expenses  $     888.00  $      (160.00)
 Total minus Unused Amount   $     743.00  ————————–

*  …Will be typing up a more detailed post.

[I’ll also be elaborating on each aspect of the wedding in a future post, for example, music, photography, and videography.] We are in-house editing the wedding footage!


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