Flip'em the bird…

Black-browed Albatross - Flip'em the bird...
Black-browed Albatross flying against sky.

FYI! if you cannot access LoveTrips™ the BLOG this from Friday [06-30-2017] until Wednesday [06-30-2017] mmm it will be because we are going to give the flip to self-hosted another good’ole fashion try!

I know I said I may seek your assistance picking a theme, but Frank and I agreed on one! So where two or three agree—it shall be.

Eeeeeek! I can’t wait, I’m really super excited. Updates will be posted to my social media. In the highly likely case that I’m going to need the GoDaddy army’s assistance, you all will be in the know.

In the meantime—come back to this post for updates as well…

Albatross love & vibes: 

  • Seek new pathways
  • Guidance is within your wingspan—claim it
  • Express yourself
  • Personify freedom
  • Embrace your ups and downs
  • Harbor an open mind
  • Keep your faith in your values


You are love! :-*


End Scene—Thursday, June 29, 2017


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