Our Malem was blessed with many showers of love, and although Wehe Ehimpe had settled around us with a Wanañi chill, all of our hearts were filled with warmth.


We chose to tie the knot amongst family and friends both golden and young, and two who’ve yet to witness the sunshine or the rain for the first time. The raindrops descended from the heavens upon our knot, and if you know anything about the physical tying and untying of knots—you know a wet knot is a pretty difficult knot to undo. Thus, I praise our stars as often as I can for validating our love, and seeing to it that it remains strong, unwavering and everlasting.

Cleansing & Renewal—

From the moment I emerged from Queen Pearl’s car and was greeted by our Royal Court with smiles and umbrellas galore, all my worries and all the imperfections of the day faded away. For us, it was indeed a day of renewal. All of the struggles, the sleepless nights, and dull clouds of uncertainties that had sought to drown us in minuscule fears were washed away with the first drop of rain. And standing next to King amidst so much love, and finally getting to say all that we’ve sung to each other for the past 5 years—having it witnessed by a handful our closest family and friends felt as if the heavens themselves had showered us with ivory soaps and smudged us pure with sage.


From rainfall, we are honored with life. In Spring the rain brings the new life out of Winter’s dying season. The ground becomes so saturated with water, that flowers, grasses, saplings, and vegetation lying beneath the surface begin to rise. Babies begin in a sphere of stardust water, and so we praise the heavens in advance for our offspring.


The rain brought with it flowing eyes, an outpour of liquid love we did not expect—joyful love, a long-time coming flow of woo-sah love.


Always, you have my love ♥


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