…for a moment, and look at yourself in the mirror as that which you truly are: god-in-body—being-in-flesh.

Think of your Provider as your individualized higher self. I mean seriously, how else would the Almighty be able to keep tabs on all of us unless She/He/They left a bit of peculiar divinity in each of us…You and I—one-half Human, one-half God-being…woke or slumbering—eh, still God.

Your divine does not look exactly like mine—but is it any less magnificent? Only you can answer this, and I pray your answer is something like “NO! My divine is indeed magnificent and truly glorious.”

Learn yourself, know yourself…and you’ll realize your God is always with you, always keeping you and will never leave you. When you hear that little voice whispering good and mercy in your ear know that is the Alpha and the Omega, know that is You harnessing the power, the mysticism and the divine of your Most High.



—Mrs. So Unreligious…

♥ Maiiandostéka mis Andestagōnwa ♥

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