#Teaspiration Thursday | Float like a butterfly

#Teaspiration Thursday | Float like a butterfly

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.

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Everything is so heavy these days—food, baggage, rain, relationships, crime. corruption, burdens, thoughts, pressure for change…the potential of this list. Yet, much of what is heavy is neither filling nor even necessary. Most of the time I dare say we simply get so used to the heaviness, and we force ourselves to pretend it is okay and that we are indeed content with this heaviness.

Strip yourself of the heavy—lighten your load however you must. Is it really more productive to struggle trying to carry 11 large luggage cases at once, dropping one with every step you make, constantly slowing your progress… or perhaps the process would simpler if you made two or three quick and easy trips without the struggle, exhausting effort, and time spent picking up dropped cases?

Have you ever witness light reflecting effortlessly off of a butterfly’s vivacious wings? Majestic is it not. Well, imagine for a moment that every bit of excess pollen a butterfly comes in contact with remains on its wings. After a while the butterfly will look different, mimicking the color of the pollen and not its already perfect self. Eventually, the butterfly will fly different—less graceful, flight now altered by the heaviness of the extra pollen. Finally, our friend Butterfly will beam and glow different—lacking its vibrant luster and painless effervescence. #tragic

Shake off the excess…time is going to run its course and the world is going to have its downs and downs before its uprisings out of this dark. Choose freely to be as light as the butterfly free from unnecessary pollen and not another paperweight pulling the world further into an already heavy darkness.


I love you—I love you, I love you!




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