This is for you Mr. Tillman and that sideways look you gave when I said I wasn’t coming back for second year, thank you ♥…

Let’s take a minute to pause…for me to pat myself on the back! Lolz, okay seriously Loves, we’ve all gotten pretty well acquainted in terms of blog customs and whatnots, and y’all know I can be some trash at meeting LoveTrips™ deadlines! Not this time though! Wednesday came and went and from what I’m gathering all is running smooth blog transfer-wise …now don’t be petty my Loves and read this and see that there’s some off-the-wall mess happening everytime you load the site and not say anything…eh. ^_^. 

For the most part, transferring a blog is pretty simple—seeing that technology is held to a one-click standard nowadays. Nevertheless, there are a lot of little nuts and bolts which can definitely make the process a little tedious, you know like don’t set up your SSL certificate and then change your primary domain from +www. to -www, yeah little stuff like that, or remembering to assign the new DNS properly and transfer your domain before trying to actually redirect your site…eh.  All that said, I’m just super happy I did not have to contact GoDaddy once, well… I did peep their community forums along with WordPress forums both .org and .com.  I am very DIY, autodidactic about life—I don’t just want to have something done for me, no I like to dive in feet, sometimes head first and figure things out. That’s what makes this switch over so lovely because I literally had the faith of a mustard seed that I would get it done on time to post a #WeddedWednesday. 

Now that it’s all switched I feel great because I worked through the kinks and I know what to do better next time. Right now, my publishing company manages website content for small businesses, small prints like business cards, invites, posters, flyers, etc, and coming soon e-books, print books, and other media.  In the very near future, I want E. English Publishing Group to be managing not only the content but also the complete development of the sites as well. For a wombman like myself—I have to know how to do it first! How else can I hold my future apprentice accountable if I’m not hands-on with all aspects of my business? 

So, yes…web development and networking have been added to my list of to-do’s slash to-study’s. Mr. Tillman↑↑↑ reference way back up there…was my vocational school instructor back in Sapponi country. By eleventh grade, I had spent my whole 8th, 9th, and 10th years making sure I was well-equipped studies-wise to be eligible for Vo-tech. I had convinced myself I was going to graduate high school and go into Computer Information Systems. After all, by 15 going 16 years young I had gotten pretty darn good a Yahoo hacking thanks to my then online pen pal turned Big Broda. Yet, by the time it actually mattered, I’d decided I could do a lot more with my newly acquired computer skills than spooking the unexpected by turning on their webcams and stealing passwords—I know…creepy right, I’ve come a long way from the wtf’shitz. Eh. That’s when I said I’d go to Vocational school and take up a trade, and Computer Information Technology it was—a two-year dual semester program. The first part CI Systems and the second year CI Networking.

In school, there were very few subjects I was ever lacking in…in reality I was a straight “A” student, but in my play-play world, I often brought home B’s and the occasional “C” because I didn’t always apply myself…I hated homework. Oh, and I was god-awful at Mathematics …did not give a flying hoot about any of it, except Geometry, but I’ll trip down memory lane about that a little later #saddeststoryever… Nevertheless, I was a beast in all of the other sciences—believe it or not even Chemistry. I was intrigued to the max by the social sciences, English studies were such a curiosity, Geography was one of my favorites, Home Economics was a must, Woodshop was an adventure, library time was love, gym a lazy, but an “I passed” blur and Spanish, well all of my classes were filled with goof-squads. That acknowledged, when it came to CIS I felt like I was going to tech heaven each time I hopped on the Vo-tech bus to journey to class. 

And when I say our class was lit—know it was. Every day was fun, even those days that were primarily spent thumbing through that 1600+ page CompTIA A+ book, eh. I made so many good friends in that course and learned soooooo much, but I also came to terms with the fact I desired more than an A+ Certification in computers. I didn’t know why, and I didn’t know what more…all I knew was first-year came to an end, and I  stood in class with my 4.0 G.P.A from the local community college, and good ole’ Mr. Tillman looking at me with confused and combative eyes because he had 4 superstar students and one was about to jump ship mid-cert.

I look back and know that for the first time in life my head was completely torn between following my heart of certain uncertainty or taking the safe route toward those computational dollar signs. I remember going to sleep the week prior to making my final decision debating my choices…on one hand, there was come back take the networking course, take the certification exam, pass and be certified to work in just about any country around the world, have access and reason to travel and make hella bank. On the other hand, have an open schedule for more classes to secure an Advanced Diploma and be a Graduate of Merit, have more time for Drama and Theatre, and attend a university for only God knows what…

Safe to say I chose the options from the other hand, and that has made all of the difference. See what I didn’t know then and could not have known for sure is that the Universe had already weaved into its tapestry me learning second-year CI Networking, but in and on my own time. Life always makes a full circle, but you cannot get off the ride too soon if you want to benefit from the spiral. There are many days I look back and I reflect on the day I said firmly “I won’t be back next year…” because leading up to that day I’d sought advice from my Mother, Father, big cousin, Big Broda, classmates and so on. For the most part, everyone agreed I was made for computer tech, and not to mention the CIS was the safe and secure route—yet, in the end, I was the only one who could hear my heart beating from the inside out. I know my life would possibly be more financially sound with my mind and computer money—no doubts, but I have no regret and possess no should have, would have, could have’s. I think about where my passions have led me since 11th-grade-year-end, and I would not change falling through a LoveTrips™ flip or sitting here typing this to you for an entire world filled of computational dollars. 😛


Just wrapped y’all up like Christmas gifts in July, ^_^

Love you all!



♥ Let me know what you think of the new site look! ♥

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